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Travel to Seychelles



From Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Mumbai, Mauritius, Reunion, Zurich.

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For Seychelles travel advice :

For Travel Authorisation:

All visitors must complete the travel authorisation online , link above. On arrival a  visitor’s permit  ( for one to three months) is issued  by Seychelles Immigration to a person who comes for the purpose of holiday, business, visiting friends or family and who meet the following criteria:

holds a valid return or onward ticket for duration of the visit;

has confirmed accommodation; and

has sufficient funds for duration of the stay ( $150 per day)

Coming to Seychelles as a tourist to seek work is not permitted without prior approval.


We can arrange for our TAXI driver to meet you at the airport. Regular taxis are available. 


Follow the map from Seychelles international Airport. Heading south through Anse Aux Pins, Anse Royale, pass the Hospital,  Seychelles University, then after Cable & Wireless take a right turn.

Follow the road over the mountain, when you reach the junction turn left, follow the road and turn right at signs for Kempinski Hotel and Four Seasons Resort. Past Kempinski Hotel entrance, 1 km maison Soleil is on the right, before Four Season Resort.


We can organise car hire for you. Please advise us of date, time and place of collection & return so we can give you a good quote.


The Seychelles enjoys a warm climate all year round, and temperatures are never too high (<32°C) or too low (>24°C). The rainy season is from November to January. All the islands except the southernmost islands are located outside the cyclone belt, making the Seychelles an ideal destination for sun and beach lovers.

The exchange rates are approx :

14 rupees to 1 euro,

16 rupees to 1 pound,

13 rupees to 1 US $. 

Visa and Mastercard widely accepted, American Express and Diners Club rarely accepted here.


We advise you to bring as little as possible! It can be hot and humid here, you need very light, preferably cotton, clothes. Everywhere is very casual in dress, but some hotel restaurants do expect men to wear long trousers in the evening. Sun hats recommended!

If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know and we will advise you accordingly. Food that is plentiful here is rice, very fresh fish, vegetables, and fruit. There are a few small local shops nearby, a farm shop and a roadside fish stall ( times vary!) Convenience foods are limited , If you want us to cook local food or prepare a bar-b-cue for you please ask.

If you smoke bring your own supply. Local beer is good, imported wine is available but not cheap. If you want to drink spirits you can buy this in the duty free shop on arrival. You are allowed to bring in 2 litres of spirits each.

TOILETRIES & MEDICINES:Medicines, cosmetics, sun cream, bite cream, etc, you are advised to bring everything as it is not always possible to find what you need here.


Please see government advice above for the latest on Covid19.

Seychelles is generally a healthy place to visit. We do not have dangerous animals or snakes (we do have Mosquitoes) . To protect locals and visitors from such diseases as Ebola and Yellow Fever, all travellers arriving in Seychelles are required to complete a health questionnaire as part of the online Govtas application. Healthcare provision, private & government, is high by African standards. There is a Government Clinic and a pharmacy in our village and a hospital in Anse Royale. 

Seychelles is generally a safe place to be. But you are advised not to leave valuables unattended on the beach if you go swimming, or on view in your hire car. Do not swim where there are signs advising strong currents. Tourists are advised not to go hiking alone or without telling your hotel.
Maison Soleil provides a safe in each room, please use it.

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