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famous & fantastic, cook your fish or meat on a hot rock on your table. Also an Art Gallery & Pirate Museum. Closed Tuesday.

two minutes walk from us. A high class casino, with a good restaurant that's well priced and open very late.

beach front cafe, tasty food, erratic service! Open daily.

There is free access to the beach, Reservations required for restaurants, spa for outside guests.

Kempinski Resort- reservations required for outside guests to the restaurants and bars.

 Anchor Cafe, Kapatia,  a selection of local restaurants in Anse a la Mouche

Village Takeaway- on the beachfront opposite Kapatya for a budget box of local food; rice and fish or various curries.

Baie Lazare
We are on the hill to the right
petite anse
Anse Royale
Baie Lazare
Petite Anse
anse soleil


Anse Soleil- great for snorkelling & sunbathing, only 10 minute walk downhill

Petite Anse- one of the top 10 beaches in the world and home to Four Seasons Resort

Anse Government- 15 minutes walk downhill, past Marias Hot Rock cafe

West Coast- drive north to Port Launay Marine Park , & unspoilt beaches on the way

South Coast- head south to Anse Takamaka, Anse Intendance, and windswept Police Bay


Michael Adams Gallery

Mission Lodge

Baie Lazare museum

Le Jardin du Roi

Biodiversity Centre

Botanical Gardens

Port Launay Marine Park 

Victoria National Museum

Victoria Market


Dive Resort Seychelles for the best diving around, only 5 minutes from us at Maison Soleil.

click below........ 

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